Dr Lucy Chiddick

SpecialityGP & Clinical Lead for Health Inequalities, Bevan Healthcare, Leeds CCG

Lucy has what is at best described as a portfolio career! She has worked in inclusion health and as a substance misuse prescriber for a number of years on a part time basis. Alongside this she has co-founded and chaired a charity working with sex workers in Leeds, worked abroad and gained funding from Lankelly Chase which commissioned research to understand the untold stories of Sex workers in Hull (https://anuntoldstory-voices.com/about-us/).There are many and varied ways of working as a GP in deprivation medicine and whilst Lucy might navigate one of the more unconventional paths – it is certainly one she would advocate following. Lucy also works for the clinical commissioning groups Hull and Leeds CCG and is a Pathway Fellow for Inclusion Health Commissioning. These roles give space to bring narratives to the table so decision makers may be informed and influenced by the experiences of the most excluded.